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Franke-tacular Goodies!


This here is a showcase of some of the most

frankeriffic odds and ends the loyal Franke-philes have

submitted.  Share them with fellow Franke fans, and spread

the lurve that is Monsieur Jay Franke!



                    - California Dreams Wav.

                                       If you love Franke as much as the next man, this is simply a MUST-HAVE!  The original

                                        theme to Franke's hit show, California Dreams!  And for those fans who just

                                        bandwagoned on (shame on you!) we have a special little helper......


                        - California Dreams Theme Song Lyrics!

                                    Can't quite manage to remember those tasty, tasty verses of the California Dreams?  Has

                                           it been a little too long since those joyous Saturday mornings when you faithfully

                                            sang along with the wondrous melody that is the Cali Dreams theme song?

                                            We've got ya covered!




                        - SPECIAL!!! Franke Wallpaper! (below)


                                    New New New!  In honour of the fantabulous Franke's Birthday, we've just recieved

                                        these AMAZING wallpapers!  Post them with pride in your home, place of business

                                        or just in your personal Franke shrine in tribute to The Great One!  CHECK THESE OUT!